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Many knitting enthusiasts like to make weighted blankets themselves because, despite the complexity of the production process, a blanket of the right size is very satisfying. Just as mum weaves sweaters for her son, the feeling of weaving love into every stitch is certainly proud. As children know that their mother weaves blankets for them, it must be very moving. Your move is really keeping friends and family warm, it’s a great feeling of love.

Making a simple knitted blanket

We should be ready before we start sewing. First determine the yarn you want to use and the stitched pattern, then make the gauge swatches, and finally we’ll use it to determine the number of pins that make the required size of the weighted blanket for adults.

Watching flowers easy to embroidery difficult, things still have to try in person to know difficult. What size of weighted blanket do you want? There are different standards for the size of beds and mattresses in different countries, which we will list for you. And life experience tells me that blankets must be designed to be larger than beds, usually 1:2, so that there is enough space to fold, and the edges of the blankets can be hung on both sides of the bed.

In USA, the “standard” sizes for blankets are as follows:

Bed SizesBlanket sizes
Crib45 by 60 inches or 115cm x 153cm
Twin66 by 90 inches or 168cm x 229cm
Double80 by 90 inches or 204cm x 229cm
Queen90 by 90 to 100 inches
King108 by 90 to 100 inches

In British, the standard UK bed sizes are as follows:

 Bed Size UKBedspread Size
 Single, 3’0” x 6’3” (36 inches x 75) or 90cm x 190cm 180 x  230 cm 
 Double, 4’6” x 6’3” (54 inches x 75) or 135cm x 190cm 230 x  255 cm 
 King size, 5’0” x 6’6” (60 inches x 78) or 150cm x 200cm 255 x  280 cm

Of course, the size of the weighted blanket also depends on many other factors. For example, the thickness of the mattress; personal liking, the coverage you want, such as whether you want it to fell to the floor or just comfortably cover the pillow and so on.

Standard Mattress Sizes

The chart below shows the size of the four main mattresses sold in most parts of the west, in inches and meters. Unfortunately, the size of the crib is not included in this form.

Twin (Single)39×75 inches (1×1.9 meters)36×75 inches (0.9×1.9 meters)36×75 inches (0.9×1.9 meters)36×79 inches (0.9×2 meters)
Full (Double)54×75 inches (1.35×1.9 meters)54×75 inches (1.35×1.9 meters)54×75 inches (1.35×1.9 meters)55×79 inches (1.4×2 meters)
Queen60×80 inches (1.5×2.05 meters)60×78 inches (1.5×2 meters)60×80 inches (1.5×2.05 meters)63×79 inches (1.6×2 meters)
King76×80 inches (1.95×2.05 meters)72×78 inches (1.85×2 meters)72×80 inches (1.85×2.05 meters)71×79 inches (1.8×2 meters)

Note: The measured value is approximate and there is a small error with the actual.

Before sewing

Finally, once you’ve identified the size you want to knit and the color and specification of the stitch pattern you want to use, you’ll need to estimate how many yarns you need to buy.

I wish you the start of a grand Gedeh!